Missed our latest live demos and product releases at OHBM 2018? Here is a recap!

by Stefanie Rudrich
Marketing Manager (Brain Products)

The annual meeting of the OHBM has always been one of the most considerable conferences for us to attend. Although held in Singapore in 2018 – and thus far away from our headquarters in Germany – the timing was perfect to present our latest solutions to a broader audience and demo them “live”. Therefore, we decided to “go big” – and it was totally worth it!

Our regular Brain Products booth as well as the dedicated Analyzer 2 booth were both continuously busy. The live demos and interactive presentations especially, that we announced prior and during the conference, attracted many attendees.

In detail we presented:

Live Demos at OHBM 2018Wireless EEG recording with sponge-based electrode system

Introduction to our new sponge-based EEG cap ( R-Net) in combination with our LiveAmp 64-channel system.

  • How to prepare the solution, the cap and the participant.
  • How to record EEG data wirelessly while the participant follows a visual paradigm.

Closed-loop EEG/TMS with Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) software

Demonstration of a closed-loop application for fast online EEG data access using an actiCHamp EEG amplifier and LSL software in combination with a TMS system.

  • What is the Processing time required to access EEG data.
  • How can a TMS system be controlled based on online analysis of these data.

Full automatization of EEG recordings in BrainVision Recorder with E-Prime software

Presentation of the required hard- and software to control the display of a stimulation paradigm with E-Prime while simultaneously collecting EEG data.

Interactive Presentations at OHBM 2018Tracing cognitive processes:
ERP methodology in Analyzer 2

  • Analyzer 2: User interface and core features
  • ERP analysis: from preprocessing, to segmentation, to ERP components

Ocular correction with ICA in Analyzer 2:
quick and easy

  • Analyzer 2: User interface and core features
  • Data preprocessing
  • Identification of EOG-related components
  • Interactive evaluation and selection of components

Brain function and oscillations: time-frequency decomposition in Analyzer 2

  • Analyzer 2: User interface and core features
  • Resting-state power analysis with the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Dynamic rhythms unfolded with Wavelet analysis

No worries if you missed our live demos at OHBM!  We are already planning similar live demos/presentations for other conferences, e.g. SfN 2018 (Nov. 3 – 7, 2018)! To stay up to date on what we have in the pipeline for SfN, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media!

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