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Latest Release of BrainVision Recorder

With the latest release of BrainVision Recorder (version 1.24.0001) in June, 2021, it is now possible to collect data from actiCHamp (Plus) auxiliary channels only – without an EEG channel module inserted into the actiCHamp (Plus) amplifier. This makes sure you are also all set for studies focusing on peripheral signals (e.g., acceleration, GSR, respiration, etc.) or that solely require AUX channels. Be sure to check out the release notes  for other small tweaks and improvements we’ve made in this latest version of Recorder.

On a related note: For tips on sensor application and signal analysis, make sure to check out our Sensor Tutorial as well as our Press Release article on “Offline analysis of sensor data in BrainVision Analyzer 2“.

Are you still using a HASP HL Analyzer Dongle?

HASP HL DongleAs Windows operating systems and dongle technology evolve, we have to take precautions to keep BrainVision Analyzer 2 compatible. While we are already using the modern Sentinel HASP keys since July 2013, there are still some older HASP HL dongles out there. We have decided to retire HASP HL dongles with the release of Analyzer 2.2.1 in order to profit from the technical advantages of the Sentinel HASP licensing technology.

If you are still using an Analyzer HASP HL dongle, please upgrade your dongle to make sure you can use Analyzer 2.2.1 as well as future Analyzer versions. In most cases, the USB dongle can be upgraded with a simple remote software update. All upgrades will be free of charge until December 31, 2021.

For more details and to upgrade your dongle, please visit

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Software/Firmware Releases and Updates
→  BrainVision Recorder 1.24.0001
→  BrainVision Recorder for CGX 2.01.0002
→  LiveAmp File Converter 2.1.5

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