News in brief


Software Releases/Updates
BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.0 (including Release Notes)
→  TriggerBox Test IO 1.2.2 (including Release Notes)
→  Remote Control Server 2.1.0 (RCS) for BrainVision Recorder (including Release Notes)
→  OLE example code for BrainVision Recorder

New/updated Operating Instructions and User Manuals
→  BrainVision Analyzer 2
→  TriggerBox
→  Remote Control Server (RCS)
→  R-Net (now including R-Nets for infant and child research)

Miscellaneous Updates

Brain Products Open Access Grant
→  Submissions are open

Tutorial Video
→  Tutorial video on Getting started with R-Net and actiCHamp Plus

Experiment Control
→  Information on how to interface with Brain Products hardware and software using E-Prime®, Presentation® and Experiment Builder.

Media Coverage
→  Video: Hope for quadriplegia patients in pilot with video gamers
→  Article: Truck Platooning: Sure, but not as economical as expected
→  Article: How Mind-Controlled Robot Suits Could Enhance Our Limbs
→  Article: The power of music: Vicky McClure’s dementia choir
→  Video: The truth about … hypnosis

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