News in brief

Downloads & Updates

  • BrainVision Recorder Software
    → Update for BrainVision Recorder 1.20.0801: Recorder 1.20.0802 (Patch)
    (Update & Release Notes)
  • BrainVision CapTrak Software
    → Release of BrainVision CapTrak 1.1.0 – now also supporting actiCHamp (Software & Release Notes)
    → Release of BrainVision CapTrak 1.2.0 – now also makes it possible to save scanning results in the *.SFP format, which is supported by BESA‘s software products (Software & Release Notes)
  • Operating Instructions & User Manuals
    → Operating Instructions for CapTrak (V002) – supporting actiCHamp
    → Operating Instructions for MOVE (V003)
  • Miscellaneous
    → Open Positions: Brain Products and MES Forschungssysteme are hiring
    (Scientific Consultant, Technical Consultant, Technical Writer)
    → Update: “R&D Projects” that Brain Products is proud to be part of
    → Update: “BCI-related Publications” using Brain Products’ Hard-/Software

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