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  • Software Releases & Updates
    → Update for BrainVision Analyzer 2.0.4: IIR Filters Transformation
  • Miscellaneous
    → Update: List of EEG/fMRI publications using Brain Products’ hard-/software
    → Update: Videos/Articles on “Using thoughts to control airplanes”, “How dancers think when they dance” and “Paralyzed man kicks off world cup” added to Media Coverage Section.
    → New: actiCHamp / PyCorder Survey

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  • 1st Forum of the Community for Passive BCI Research
    Delmenhorst (Germany), July 16 – 18
  • 2014 Summer School on Neurorehabilitation (SSNR)
    Baiona (Spain), September 14 – 19
  • International Workshop on Wearable Robotics (WeRob)
    Baiona (Spain), September 14 – 19
  • 17th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2014)
    Hiroshima (Japan), September 23 – 27

For further options to meet us or our local distributors in person, visit or the websites of our local distributors,
e.g. MES Forschungssysteme (Germany and Switzerland) or Brain Vision LLC (USA and Canada)

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