Mensia Technologies SA and Brain Products GmbH announce strategic technology partnership

by Alexander Svojanovsky
General Manager (Brain Products)

Mensia LogoFrance’s Mensia Technologies SA, the developer of advanced software solutions for real-time neurophysiology and neurofeedback, and Brain Products GmbH Germany, a leading provider of hardware for electrophysiological (EEG) research, announce the general availability of “OpenViBE™ for Brain Products”, a comprehensive framework for neurophysiological research and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). Based on OpenViBE, this new software offers improved functionality and is fully compatible with the entire range of amplifiers and caps produced by Brain Products. It is made available to all customers of Brain Products at no cost.

Until recently, EEG was confined to a limited range of diagnostic applications. Improvements in hardware engineering fundamentally contributed to EEG receiving increased attention in research and healthcare for its ability to investigate the functionality of the brain, help explain chronic neurological conditions such as ADHD, and suggest potential treatments. However, to unleash the full potential of EEG, researchers need to be provided with a new class of reliable and valid software solutions that allow them to extract and analyze EEG features in real-time.

This is the target application that Mensia Technologies SA and Brain Products set out to create with “OpenViBE™ for Brain Products”. Extending OpenViBE v0.14, the leading, open source platform for real-time neurophysiological research and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), OpenViBE™ for Brain Products contains the following improvements:

  • Drivers for the entire range of products offered by Brain Products, including V-Amp, actiCHamp and BrainAmp
  • Pre-configured cap montages for all caps of Brain Products, including actiCAP, …
  • A new synchronization mechanism for signal tagging and analysis of evoked potentials
  • A comprehensive scenario launcher enabling BCI experiments through just a few clicks
  • Comprehensive GUI for customized software configuration
  • Stability improvements
  • Extensive documentation
  • Preview versions of the Mensia Technologies SA add-ons for OpenViBE™

All applications developed for OpenViBE™ are also compatible with “OpenViBE™ for Brain Products”.

“We feel we are on the edge of a revolution in EEG adoption. This revolution is made possible by the availability of advanced, affordable, high-quality EEG devices such as Brain Products’,” remarks Jean-Yves Quentel, Mensia Technologies’ CEO. “Our mission is to help revolution reach its full potential by providing advanced, high-quality software solutions to all of the stakeholders in the brain research and neurological wellbeing communities, whether they are researchers, physicians or neurofeedback professionals.”

Alexander Svojanovsky, General Manager of Brain Products explains, “Among all BCI frameworks compatible with Brain Products, we have chosen OpenViBE since we rate it as the most powerful, advanced and user-friendly software package. Mensia and Brain Products have reached another innovative milestone.”

About Mensia Technologies SA
Mensia Technologies is a venture-backed, award-winning start-up, founded in late 2012 
as a pure-play software company providing robust, industrial-grade technologies enabling 
the development of new research, diagnostic and therapeutic solutions leveraging real-time
EEG and neurofeedback. Our solutions are based on OpenViBE, the leading, open source 
platform for real-time neurophysiological research and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). 
We partner with EEG hardware vendors to develop best-in class neurophysiological solutions 
for the research and clinical markets and we develop diagnostic and therapeutic applications, 
leveraging neurofeedback and focusing on a range of conditions ranging from sleep disorders 
to attention deficit disorders. Contact:
About Brain Products GmbH
Founded in 1997 as a private company, Brain Products GmbH delivers superior instruments 
for scientific purposes, e.g. EEG amplifiers, wireless and mobile acquisition systems, 
active and dry electrodes, as well as real-time and offline analysis software. 
Brain Products is well-known for its comprehensive support and for providing tools for 
specialized applications such as combined EEG & fMRI recordings or BCI. The smooth and 
user-friendly interaction with OpenViBE is a logical consequence of our motivation to 
offer ground-breaking, cutting-edge solutions for Brain-Computer Interaction.

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