Recent changes in Brain Products management:
When continuity and stability matters!

by Melanie Petrich
Head of Human Resources (Brain Products)

In a market segment where projects last several years, it is essential that a supplier can guarantee to its customers continuity and stability via its business strategies. Not to let our customers down, even in case of inevitable changes, has been always the priority for us at Brain Products.

Logo Brain ProductsLast year in June, Alexander Svojanovsky, one of the founders of Brain Products, after more than 20 years of total dedication to his “baby” and following great contributions to the scientific community with his visionary ideas, decided to step back and leave his position as General Manager of the company.

Mr. Svojanovsky, who continues to be the majority shareholder of Brain Products, accompanied this certainly difficult but deeply considered decision with his intention to guarantee to the company and his customers a clear line of continuity in terms of business strategies and market presence.

The company shareholders agreed with his point of view unanimously and appointed two “insiders” as general managers of the Brain Products group: Pierluigi Castellone and Dr. Manfred Jaschke.

Pierluigi Castellone has been working for the company since 2003 when, right after finishing his engineering studies, he joined Brain Products. Many of you have most likely met him at product demonstrations or trainings, at a workshop or at a conference where Brain Products exhibited. Since the beginning of his adventure with us, Mr. Castellone has been covering various managing positions in the group and is now responsible for company operations such as, amongst others, technical and scientific support, sales and business development.

Dr. Manfred Jaschke has been with Brain Products for the past 8 years. Before he joined our company as Head of the R&D department, Dr. Jaschke worked for various well-known manufacturers in the field of neurophysiology such as Schwarzer and Natus. During the past years spent with Brain Products, Dr. Jaschke led the R&D department in the realization of very successful projects like, for example, the design of the actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp amplifiers, the new generation of active electrodes*, the R-Net, the dry electrode systems*, the CapTrak for electrode localization and the current versions of the BrainVision Analyzer 2 and Recorder software.

Recent changes in Brain Products management: When continuity and stability matters!

Brain Products General Managers (2019): Pierluigi Castellone (top) and Dr. Manfred Jaschke (bottom)

The company shareholders, in the process of reorganizing Brain Products management, also proposed to Dr. Patrick Britz the opportunity to return to North America and again take full charge of Brain Products local subsidiaries: Brain Vision LLC and Brain Vision Solutions. As you may know, Dr. Britz already spent more than 5 years in the US for our group. In fact, he was the “architect” who built the success of Brain Products in North America. Therefore, it was a natural decision for him to return to his “adoptive” home and manage our North American team towards a successful future.

Mr. Castellone and Dr. Jaschke have been in charge of our company for a little longer than a year now. They are working hard with the rest of the team to guarantee a line of continuity with the past and at the same time to innovate both the structure of the group and its product portfolio. We believe you will find a confirmation of this attitude in the various news announcing new products releases that have been published both in recent and in this edition of our newsletter.

By wishing them good luck with this hard task, we hope you will enjoy reading our latest news!

* US patent pending