Official market release of LiveAmp – Brain Products’ new solution for superior quality mobile wireless EEG

by Dominik Dietze
Product Manager (Brain Products)

LiveAmp is an ultra-lightweight, wearable amplifier. As it is wireless and allows you to store the data internally (exchangeable memory card), there are no mobility limitations. LiveAmp is easy and intuitive to use and extremely compact. Its technical specifications leave nothing to be desired and translate into outstanding signal quality.

Official market release of LiveAmp – Brain Products’ new solution for superior quality mobile wireless EEG

For Sports Research

You want to analyze brain activity during exercise in your sports research. Then you are looking for an EEG–System that is wireless, easy to use, lightweight and wearable in order to cause minimum disturbance to the movement or physical tasks your subjects are performing while EEG is recorded.

Furthermore, you not only want to record EEG signals but also EMG signals from peripheral muscles or even autonomous responses, ECG and movement of your subjects with the help of accelerometers. And all of this without compromising data quality.

We have said it before, but it cannot be emphasized enough! Good data not only accelerates your day-to-day research, it is also the deciding factor for the quality and reliability of your results.

For Sleep Research

You are a sleep researcher and you are looking for a polygraphy system that is minimally invasive, can be applied quickly and easily, can be combined with any sensor and allows your subjects (after preparation) to sleep at home in an environment they are used to. For this, you need to have a system that offers the possibility to store all recorded data to internal memory, without needing to be connected to a heavy and complex recording computer.

All that is left is to apply the sleep cap, all desired peripheral electrodes for EOG, EMG a.s.o. and the desired sensors. Then enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use, real time data display for optimization of signal quality. Once you are satisfied, start recording to internal memory and send your subjects home, carrying just the amplifier and nothing else.

For Cognitive States Research

You want to analyze and research cognitive states or workload under realistic circumstances, or while your subjects are performing complicated tasks (e.g. piloting a jet fighter). Then you are looking for an EEG system that is lightweight and wearable, quick to apply and is robust enough to reliably function and record good data under extremely hostile conditions without losing a single data point.

The above are only a few examples of application fields, where LiveAmp is a great fit.

A new amplifier is born

To define the scope of development for the LiveAmp system, we examined existing systems in the market that are currently advertised for the previously mentioned application fields, as well as other applications such as BCI, ERP Research, etc. Our main focus was to extract and identify the individual advantages and disadvantages of these systems as seen from a user’s perspective.

LiveAmp combines the useful features that current systems have, and gets rid of their individual disadvantages. After a long and extensive development phase, we are thrilled to unveil LiveAmps’ capabilities and announce the official launch of this sleek new wireless EEG system.

Here is a brief description of what LiveAmp offers

For detailed specifications, please refer to our website.

→ Wireless:
LiveAmp is a based wireless EEG System that can easily connect to any Windows® based recording computer.

→ Ultra lightweight & compact: The whole amplifier incl. battery weighs less than 60 grams with dimensions of 80mm x 50mm x 10mm.

→ Outstanding signal quality: LiveAmp’s recording characteristics are comparable to high-end laboratory EEG systems; 24 bit A/D conversion, a sampling rate of up to 1kHz at a noise level of less than 2 µV pp with CMRR higher than 110 dB.

→ Flexibility: LiveAmp can be combined with any of the Brain Products electrode systems; you can use passive/active/dry electrodes. It can either be used as a 32ch referential EEG amplifier or you can set it up as a combined EEG bipolar amplifier (in this case you would have 24 referential EEG channels and 8 bipolar channels). Furthermore it comes with a built in 3-axis accelerometer.

→ Expandability: LiveAmp can be expanded with a Sensor and Trigger extension (coming soon) that offers 8 Trigger In / 8 Trigger Out ports and connection possibilities for up to 8 sensors.

→ Independence and Liberty: LiveAmp has the possibility to store recorded data internally, to the hard disk of the recording computer or to both. It offers the possibility to record data for more than 10 hours without interruption. This gives you the potential to record high quality data virtually anywhere, and under any circumstance, by having your subject wear a cap and carry a device that is less than half the weight of an iPhone 6.

When is it available and at what price?

LiveAmp will be officially released, and is available for purchase, from the 18th of October 2015 onwards.

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