Ciao Milano! Brain Products at ISMRM 2014

by Rita Rodrigues
Sales Assistant (Brain Products)

Brain Products was in Milan for ISMRM from May 10 to May 16, 2014 and three of our customers returned home with very special souvenirs: a brand-new iPad Air 64GB as well as a 2-year and a 1-year subscription to a scientific journal.

For two days in a row during ISMRM, the challenge of our “Spot It” contest was to spot which of our products were labeled MR Safe and MR Conditional. On the third day, the contestants entered the drawing to win one of our three amazing prizes. The “Spot It” contest was designed to be an interactive, fun way to learn more about what makes a product MR Safe and MR Conditional and to gain insight into the potentialities of our products.

On the first day, the products to be detected were BrainAmp MR plus amplifier and BrainCap MR. The second day featured BrainAmp ExG MR amplifier and 3D Acceleration Sensor MR. On the third day, PowerPack and Respiration Belt MR were the products to be spotted. In all, the contest run for three days, however participation was required on two consecutive days only in order to qualify for the drawing.

On the final day, everyone gathered for the drawing, which was another good opportunity for networking while enjoying some snacks. And the winners were:

ISMRM Winners 2014

Pierluigi Castellone presents the 1st prize, an iPad Air 64GB, to Jonathan Goodwin who won our “Spot It” contest at ISMRM (center). Winners of the 2nd and 3rd prize: Alexandra Huerta (left) and Ulrich Lindberg (right).

1st Prize:
Jonathan Goodwin
from Iwate Medical University

2nd Prize:
Alexandra Huerta
from Rey Juan Carlos University

3rd Prize:
Ulrich Lindberg
from the University of Copenhagen

Congratulations again to the winners! We are looking forward to meeting you all next year in Canada!

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