actiCAP Xpress contest & more at HBM 2014

by Stefanie Rudrich
Marketing Manager (Brain Products)

The annual meeting of the OHBM has always been one of the most considerable conferences for us to attend. Being held in Germany this year and just at the right time to officially introduce our latest product developments actiCAP Xpress (electrode cap for fast and easy EEG recordings without gel) and CapTrak (accurate and fast electrode localization system for actiCAP electrodes), HBM 2014 became particularly exciting for us.

At our custom-designed 27 m2 booth we had setup designated stations to explain and demonstrate actiCAP Xpress and CapTrak as well as to give hands-on advice on any kind of software-related questions. Various members of our Sales, Support & R&D teams as well as Dr. Baris Yesilyurt from our distributor for Germany and Switzerland, MES Forschungssysteme GmbH, and Dr. Renate Wehrle representing EASYCAP GmbH were on site, ready to show our products and answer all sorts of questions.

As HBM is always a busy time for everyone – us exhibiting, you giving and attending talks, presenting posters, etc. – we additionally hosted an “informal get-together” at the Radisson Blu Hotel’s High End (in the evening of June 10, 2014). Along with snacks, drinks and an amazing view of Hamburg, more than 70 invited users of our products as well as hopefully soon-to-be users from all over the world seized the opportunity to see live demonstrations of actiCAP Xpress, CapTrak and StimTrak and meet our staff in a more relaxed atmosphere than usually is around an exhibition booth.

To further promote actiCAP Xpress, we also put on an “actiCAP Xpress contest” at our booth, drawing a lot of attention among all HBM attendees. At stake was a MacBook Pro (including a demo license for our software package with a running time of 2 months, consisting of BrainVision Recorder, RecView and Analyzer). The challenge to master was pretty tricky, though: As a start, 4 questions (randomly picked out of a pool of more than 30 questions) on actiCAP Xpress had to be answered. The top 3 contestants, who answered all questions correctly and faster than their fellow competitors, then had to enter a live contest – the task was to mount the actiCAP Xpress on a subject and demonstrate alpha waves. About 100 HBM attendees entered the competition, and the 3 finalists managed to answer their 4 questions in less than 25 seconds. Kudos to them!

HBM 2014: Joke Durnez

Joke Durnez (right) with Pierluigi Castellone, Brain Products’ Sales Manager (left)

During the live contest Joke Durnez (University of Ghent / Belgium) proved that even for a “newbie” handling actiCAP Xpress is indeed rather easy. She managed to mount the cap and present valuable alpha waves in 4:20 minutes and deservedly won our 1st prize, the MacBook Pro including an Application Suite Trial Package. Jose Pineda (Technical University of Madrid / Spain), who stated being rather an expert in data analysis than in recording, finished second (in 5:05 minutes) and won a 2-year subscription to a scientific journal of his choice. Boris Konrad (Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in Nijmegen / the Netherlands) came 3rd and secured himself a 1-year subscription to a scientific journal of his choice.

Congratulations again to Joke, Jose and Boris and thank you to everyone who came to see us at HBM 2014. We truly enjoyed the time and hope you did, too!

HBM 2014: Winners

Participants in the actiCAP Xpress contest finale and their “subjects”: Joke Durnez, Ratko Petrovic, Boris Konrad, Baris Yesilyurt, Jose Pineda and Markus Plank.

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