Cybathlon 2016 – the new bionic Paralympics

by Lydia Timm, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

Cybathlon 2016 – the new bionic ParalympicsOn Saturday, October 8, 2016 something special will happen in Zürich, Switzerland. Scientists, developers and company representatives from all around the world will come together to see how their technological developments impact individuals with physical disabilities. “Cybathlon” can be seen as the new bionic Paralympics where people with severe disabilities can compete, helped with powered assistive devices. The competition comprises six different disciplines: a brain-computer interface (BCI) race, a functional electrical stimulation bike race, a powered arm prosthesis race, a powered leg prosthesis race, a powered exoskeleton race and a powered wheelchair race.

After Brain Products announced its support for the Cybathlon 2016 (in October 2014) we had many impressive and inspiring requests concerning loan equipment for the different groups.

Brain Products wishes all competitors a successful tournament and the best of luck! We will be there to support and cheer for the competing teams with our CEO Alexander Svojanowski and other colleagues.