Brain Products featured on kid’s television show “Checker Tobi” about the brain

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

In early 2020, we were visited by the folks at Checker Tobi, who spent a fun-filled day shooting content at our office near Munich, Germany. Our German speaking readers may already be aware of the children’s television series, but for those who are not familiar, here is a quick rundown.

Checker Tobi is an educational children’s tv series whereby the moderator and host, Tobi Krell, checks out different topics and explains them in a light and child-friendly manner. When they approached us about the possibility of collaborating with them on an episode where Tobi investigates the brain, we were excited about the opportunity. We could not think of a better way to inspire the next generation of budding, young neuroscientists. 

If you are interested in the episode, “Der Gehirn Check“, we recommend it for anyone – children and adults, alike. In this episode, Tobi explores the basic biology and function of the brain via MRI and TMS, the origin of headaches as well as the science behind brain computer interfaces (BCIs). In this part of the episode, Dr. Alex Kreilinger, one of our Strategic Product Managers prepares the actiCAP slim electrodes, clarifies some essentials of the EEG signal, and introduces Tobi to BCIs – in this case, a P300 speller, whereby Tobi successfully spelled his name.

If this has inspired you to introduce BCIs in your research or you are curious about what Brain Products has to offer for this particular application field, we invite you to check out our BCI+ homepage and explore products, blog posts and tutorials, or even sign up for the Brain Products’ Academy BCI event this autumn, where topics will range from beginner to advanced. This online event consists of a series of lectures and workshop/demo sessions and will be hosted by Brain Products’ experts as well as renowned researchers in the BCI field.

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