From Canada to “Wieder Da” [“back again”]

by Lydia Timm, PhD
Scientific Consultant (MES Forschungssysteme)

Logo MES ForschungssystemeMany of you may remember me, Lydia Timm, either from my 4 years at Brain Products in the Support, and later Marketing department or from my time at Brain Products‘ daughter company, Brain Vision Solutions (Canada). I am now back in Germany and excited to announce that I have recently joined MES Forschungssysteme (Germany).

The past years have been an extraordinary and sometimes very cold adventure for me. Some of you may remember my last article from 2 years ago. At that time, it was my pleasure to announce Brain Vision Solutions Canada and my subsequent move to Montreal, Quebec. With outstanding help from Brain Products and Brain Vision LLC (US distributor), we have installed Brain Vision Solutions as the new BP distributor in the Great White North.

Establishing the new office meant to get to know the researchers within the country, their wishes, expectations, ideas, and needs. Therefore, my travels for demos, conferences and lab visits brought me from the far east (St. John’s, Newfoundland) to the most west of the country (Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC) and throughout many parts in the middle.

Primarily located in beautiful Montreal, it was my privilege to work with established, as well as aspiring researchers from all over Canada and see their research thrive.

This adventure was not intended to be a one-woman show, so it was thrilling to see the office grow with Morgan Johnson. As a native Canadian and established lab manager with lots of experience, she is a real asset to the team. Additionally, we received excellent help from the US team in terms of operations and logistics from Jill St. John. Of course, Judy Cini, Brain Vision’s COO, as well as Patrick Britz, who is currently reprising his role as CEO & President in the USA and Canada, have been valuable resources as well.

My time in Canada was limited to a 2-year period, with the clear goal to establish a functional office that can self-sufficiently serve the Canadian researchers.

I am happy that we were able to reach this goal and thrilled to be able to leave the country and the company in such excellent care.

Upon my return, I have joined the forces of MES Forschungssysteme, Brain Products’ German and Swiss distributor, and I am excited to put to use all of the knowledge gained in the past two years. I received a very warm welcome from my MES colleagues in our new facilities at the Woerthsee lake, where my office and desk were already waiting.

From Canada to “Wieder Da”

The Team of MES Forschungssysteme (left to right): Jens Grunert – Dr. Baris Yesilyurt – Lydia Timm, PhD – Ursula Sailer.

Here, I will focus on consulting new and existing customers with our wide range of research solutions. Also, I will be working on our marketing activities including, but not limited to, our booth layout for conferences, our social media activities and customer relations.

Getting to know the numerous labs and researchers in those two countries is the priority on my agenda and I am looking forward to being in contact with you directly.