New distributor in the UK and Ireland: Brain Products UK LTD

by Kaitlin Robson
Sales Assistant (Brain Products)

Logo Brain Products UKWe are pleased to announce that as of the beginning of 2017 Brain Products has a new company in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Brain Products UK LTD.

Brain Products UK LTD is wholly owned and set up by Brain Products. Thus, our daughter company will embrace the same philosophy, values and special care for its customers. British and Irish customers will be able to depend on our new dealer for their research needs in EEG and complimentary solutions. It is also with great pleasure that we share the news of our U.K. and Irish representation as Mário Bártolo. Mário will lead the company of Brain Products UK LTD, working alongside Mariana Madeira in their Reading office. Existing customers, distributors and friends of Brain Products will be familiar with Mário and Mariana as current colleagues at Brain Products GmbH and EASYCAP GmbH.

For those of you not yet familiar with Mário and Mariana, let us give you a brief description of their backgrounds:

Mário Bártolo, Ph.D.
Operations Manager

Mario BartoloMário has worked for the last three and a half years as a Technical Consultant for Brain Products GmbH. He has been involved in customer support for hardware and software aspects of EEG recordings, and actively communicated between departments to optimize the support and satisfaction of end-users.

Mário studied Biomedical Engineering in the University of Coimbra, Portugal, from which he graduated in 2007. Afterwards, he continued his research career in the neuroimaging and neurophysiology field by moving to Newcastle University and was awarded his doctoral degree in Neuroscience in 2012.

Mário is very enthusiastic about his Operations Manager position in Brain Products UK LTD. He is keen to bring the Brain Products’ philosophy back to the U.K. and Ireland, and to provide the best solutions, service and support for the British and Irish scientific community.

Mariana Madeira, M.Sc.
Scientific Consultant

Mariana MadeiraMariana is a Biomedical Engineer with a strong knowledge of Medical Imaging and Neuroscience. She did her Master’s project  in Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, Newcastle University, in cooperation with Imperial College London. Afterwards, she began working as a Technical Consultant for Support and Sales at EasyCap GmbH, where she deepened her expertise in the EEG field, spanning from all of the hardware involved on an EEG experiment, to the integration of EEG with further techniques such as MRI, NIRS, TMS and MEG.

The aforementioned proficiency was achieved through close relationships with researchers from all over the world and she finds this interaction to be one of the greatest aspects of her daily work.

Mariana could not be happier to embrace this new opportunity as a Scientific Consultant at Brain Products UK LTD. She looks forward to assisting and supporting you with your research needs and enquiries.

We at Brain Products GmbH are confident and enthusiastic about our new subsidiary and the opportunities that will be available to all our customers and researchers in 2017 and beyond.