Brain Products turns 25: Happy Birthday to us!

by the Marketing Team
at Brain Products

Brain Products turns 25: Happy Birthday to us!2022 is the 25th anniversary of Brain Products. A milestone that marks 25 years, since October 1997, of dedication to providing exactly what is written in our company logo: Solutions for neurophysiological research. Our product developments have always been driven by our deeply held aims of constant innovation, the highest standards in product quality, and listening to our users. Together with our knowledgeable and experienced worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors, we always have and always will continue to provide expert consulting and free support. We are proud and happy to be your partner in research.

The story of Brain Products started in 1997 when BrainVision Analyzer 1 was released

It was the world’s first convenient and automated Windows-based EEG ERP analysis software. The success of this release was overwhelming and so more research products were continuously developed: BrainAmp amplifiers (for the lab and the MR environment), actiCAP active electrode systems, stationary actiCHamp and portable LiveAmp amplifiers – to mention just a few.

However, the secret of our success goes beyond developing new products

The constructive feedback we receive from our distribution partners and users, allows us to continuously improve our existing solutions. This led us to establish close co-operations with partners like CGX or Tobii Pro. No longer do you have to get in touch with various companies to piece together the research solution you need; simply contact us or your local Brain Products distributor and let us work with you to find the optimal set up for your research. We believe, working and collaborating with companies whose products complement ours, benefits both you and us and we will continue such efforts in the future – so stay tuned!

Constant improvement doesn’t just come through external co-operation. In fact, another essential factor for staying successful is our highly qualified, reliable and committed team. As a user you may only be in touch with some of us, like the scientific consultants in our Sales and Technical as well as Scientific Support teams, or our long established and trusted distributors and subsidiaries, who work with researchers like you every day. However, there are many more of us contributing to our success story, from the R&D and Production departments, expertly developing and building the solutions you rely on, through Product Management, Business Development and Marketing, all the way to Logistics, making sure every single day our solutions get where they need to be all over the world. So, thank you to our team, our subsidiaries and distributors for all their work and commitment so far.

Lastly but most importantly, above all we wish to

Thank you, our users, for your continued trust
in our solutions and skills!

We are truly proud of your achievements, your publications and other scientific contributions!

All these factors – and many more that would exceed the scope of this article – have made Brain Products what it is today. Offering innovative solutions, staying successful and having a positive impact on neuroscience drives and motivates us today as much as it did back in 1997. As for the future … we will continue to provide what you, our customers, need. We are always excited to hear what’s next on your research agenda and how we can help to foster your research. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or your local distributor. We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Brain Products turns 25: Happy Birthday to us!