Basic BrainVision Analyzer 2 Workshop in Munich / Germany – EEG from A to Z

 by Dr. Filipa Viola
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

Analyzer IconWelcome to Munich! This was how our participants were received when they arrived at the Hilton Hotel in the city center. They travelled from different cities in Germany, from other cities in Europe and even from Japan to spend three days learning about EEG. Brain Products joined forces with MES Forschungssysteme and we prepared a program covering EEG from A to Z. From Amplifiers to being Zen when analyzing the data!

EEG Workshop Hands-OnIt is always a pleasure to be in direct contact with our users and have the opportunity to show them new tricks and tips about our products. This Basic BrainVision Analyzer 2 Workshop included a first day focused on EEG data recording and lab standards and two days dedicated to EEG analysis with BrainVision Analyzer.

On the first day members of the MES team, the Brain Products Sales team and the R&D team took over the show and prepared three EEG recording stations with different combinations of equipment. The participants had the opportunity to work in groups and learn in some detail how to set-up an EEG experiment. Other members of Brain Products’ family kindly volunteered to be the test subjects and let us spy on their brains. After cleaning the caps and our improvised lab it was time to relax and do some sports all together at the beach volleyball courts.

Analyzer Workshop Hands-OnOn the second day the Scientific Support team took over and everybody got a bit sentimental listening to the Analyzer love story! The romance was only just beginning while we were learning how to go from Raw Data to nice ERP waveforms. After a long day of listening and clicking along we were rewarded with tapas and cocktails.

Time moves too fast when we are having fun. We were already on the third training day and we still wanted to be introduced to Independent Component Analysis and spectral analysis. And because the best comes at the very end, we were even presented with a spontaneous short lecture about Fast Fourier from the project leader of the Software Development team.

What a great event! Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Munich and to the Brain Products’ family.

The beauty of such an event is that not only do the participants learn from us but we also learn a lot from our users. And every time that we learn together we all become smarter!

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