Analyzer 2 Educational License – a letter of appreciation to great EEG/ERP teachers

by Jose Raul Naranjo
Product Manager Analyzer 2 (Brain Products

Dear Analyzer 2 user,

BrainVision Analyzer 2Thank you for taking the time to read my personal letter to you. I am writing this letter of appreciation because a unique avenue for teaching EEG analysis has been opened. I want to make you aware of the Analyzer 2 Educational License. If you are investing your time and energy in building up your research team, and educating the new generations of EEG researchers in your community, you will appreciate what Brain Products is about to offer.

While working as an EEG researcher, we are typically exposed to different labs, and we try different analysis strategies and tools. Like many of my colleagues, I realized my work over the years with a versatile toolbox filled with C# functions, dozens of Linux bash scripts, thousands of code lines in MATLAB®, as well as analysis pipelines using both commercial software and open-source applications. It worked well for me, at least until I needed to train new students and research assistants. After a few rather unsuccessful trials, while advised by another colleague, I started using Analyzer 2 for both my own research and to effectively educate new students in our lab. We succeeded in training our research assistants to analyze the EEG data and publish papers with the shortest learning curve possible. I spent a reasonable time with my new colleagues reading and rewriting MATLAB® scripts, but only if strictly necessary. I was able to transfer my own research experience and know-how easily, based on user-friendly, intuitive and self-documented analysis pipelines. Publication was made easier than ever. Diploma and PhD theses flourished. All of this thanks to the unique virtues of BrainVision Analyzer 2. In aiming to better educate each other on EEG/ERP analysis, Analyzer 2 became the main workhorse for me and many of my colleagues.

I know this story may resemble the story of many neuroscientists around you. Those who went through similar challenges and found a unique solution for their neurophysiological research, Analyzer 2. That is why Brain Products is committed to helping the neuroscience community through educational activities. Therefore, we want to promote BrainVision Analyzer 2 as an additional educational tool to teach your students.       

The Analyzer 2 Educational License is intended to be granted to Analyzer 2 users who organize an educational event with Analyzer 2. It consists of the Analyzer 2 Educational License network dongle with up to 50 licenses. Alongside this, our scientific support team will be happy to support your educational event. The Analyzer 2 Educational license will help you to turn your teaching experience into a complete success and a career-opening opportunity for your students.

Do you wish to know more about this teaching opportunity and how to apply? Just read more about it here. Feel free to contact us by email if you need more insights on the application procedure. One thing is very important, the Analyzer 2 Educational License will be granted for use during teaching activities only. The full BrainVision Analyzer 2 professional license shall be used for research and publication purposes.

Once the Analyzer 2 Educational License has been granted to you, you can keep the license key after the educational event. Please contact your local distributor if you would like to reactivate the license for future events organized by you.

Until now more than 10 educational events have already been successfully supported by us. They range from EEG analysis workshops, EEG boot-camps, EEG training courses for graduate students, summer schools, etc. The feedback from the organizers already shows us that research and education with Analyzer 2 software offer a unique level of professional excellence.

We are looking forward to further educational license applications and fostering your teaching efforts.

Yours sincerely,

©Brain Products GmbH 2017