BrainVision Analyzer 2 Webinars … because you are never too far away to attend an Analyzer training session

by Dr. Filipa Campos Viola
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

Our mission is to provide you with the best service and this was what inspired us to start providing webinars on BrainVision Analyzer 2. This new educational project results from the wish to combine effective scientific training with modern technologies in order to reach as many Analyzer 2 users as possible. Soon we will announce the agenda for 2016, but before we want to share with you some details about the webinars hosted in 2015.

We wish we could offer a BrainVision Analyzer 2 workshop in every country where researchers are using our software for EEG signal processing analysis. However, this would mean that we would need to visit more than 40 countries on a regular basis. Since we have only 12 months per year to support you we decided to invest time and resources to develop this alternative educational project.

The topics were carefully selected by the Scientific Support team in order to cover frequently asked questions about the most common EEG processing pipelines. The 60 minute lectures were designed to include three main parts: a short theoretical introduction, a live demo in Analyzer, and open questions. Analyzer users could register for the event and join the virtual classroom on the day to watch the lecture live. Moreover the users could also use the chat to interact with the presenter and the moderators during the open questions session.

We inaugurated our virtual classroom to present a webinar about BrainVision Analyzer’s data processing philosophy and how to get started. The next webinar covered ERP analysis using a basic oddball paradigm. The users learned about typical processing strategies, as well as how to use visualization tools in Analyzer. Step by step we moved from basic to more advanced topics. The third webinar was dedicated to ocular correction using Independent Component Analysis. After the summer break we focused on spectral analysis using FFT and before the Christmas break we decided to talk in more detail about artifact handling, a recurrent topic in our support communications with users. Analyzer is so versatile that even the more experienced users always find something new to learn.

It was a pleasure to see how quickly the webinars were fully booked and how motivated the participants were. After hosting the first three very successful events we decided to expand the experience by offering two time slots for each webinar. This was a huge improvement that allowed even more Analyzer users living in different countries to be part of our virtual classroom. We made it possible: “Nobody was too far away to attend Analyzer training!”

Fig 1 – All countries in blue were represented in our virtual classroom - Figure created with

All countries in blue were represented in our virtual classroom – Figure created with

Altogether we hosted five webinars about EEG analysis in a total of seven sessions. This educational project allowed us to reach more than 250 users in more than 20 different countries.

If you attended one or more webinars and would like to give us some feedback how to improve this experience, please feel free to contact us.

After the success of the events in 2015 we are already planning the agenda for 2016. We recommend following the Analyzer Online Info page on which webinars are announced and signing up for the Analyzer Newsflash to receive an email alert when a new webinar is scheduled.

We are looking forward to having you in our virtual classroom again. In the meanwhile you can always revisit the documentation available (User Manual and Press Release articles) and for special issues request the experience of the Scientific Support team (

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