A pocket guide to BrainVision Analyzer 2 licensing

by Dr.-Ing. Kidist Mideksa
Scientific Consultant & User Application Test Manager (Brain Products)

Logo AnalyzerThis article provides an overview of the dongles which have been used for providing BrainVision Analyzer 2 licenses. It paves the way with a step-by-step instruction for easy installation and troubleshooting for both single and multi-user licenses.

BrainVision Analyzer 2 licenses are stored on a USB dongle with an LED that lights up when in use.

Brain Products has been delivering dongles using two technologies: the old HASP HL technology (referred to as HASP HL dongles) and the new Sentinel HASP technology (referred to as Sentinel HASP dongles). This newer technology (available since July 2013), offers several advantages compared to the old HASP HL technology, including easier installation, license handling and distribution. Due to its easier license handling mechanism, extra sub-licenses can be stored on the dongle itself (as add-on licenses) so that no installation of additional license files is required.

For both dongle technologies, we offer two licensing models:

  1. Single-user (local) license dongle
  2. Multi-user (network) license dongle

Depending on the dongle technology and model, slightly different installation steps are required to make use of the license locally or to distribute it within a network setup.

Due to the end of support for Windows® 7, many researchers have started upgrading their systems to Windows® 10. This entails reinstallation of software and licenses. With this article we would like to provide you a complete guide to get your Analyzer 2 up and running.

How do I install a single-user license dongle?

Analyzer Dongle (local)Both dongle technologies require the same procedure for installing a local license. Our Quick Start document provides you a step-by-step installation instruction as well as troubleshooting tips in case you encounter an issue.

How do I install a network license dongle?

Analyzer Dongle (network)For network dongles the installation procedures differ slightly depending on the dongle technology. Our Quick Start document provides you a step-by-step installation instruction as well as troubleshooting tips in case you encounter an issue.

If you still run into problems that are not covered in the “Quick Start” document, please refer to our extended network dongle troubleshooting guide.

Do I need a separate license for executing Analyzer 2 modules?

There are currently only two specialized extensions of Analyzer 2 components that can be purchased as add-on licenses: The Add Channels module and the Analyzer 2 Video add-in. The rest of the modules do not require an extra license file.

  • If you have a Sentinel HASP dongle: no additional license file is required to execute both components.
  • If you have a HASP HL dongle: to execute the Analyzer 2 Video add-in, an add-on license file needs to be installed on every local machine where Analyzer 2 is installed. The steps for installing a license activation file is provided here. Execution of the Add Channels module is not supported with the HASP HL dongle.

Which license is used if I have multiple dongles?

  • When working with dongles using different technologies, the typical behavior is that the Sentinel HASP dongles have priority over the HASP HL dongles.
  • When working with dongles using the same technology, the typical behavior is that a local dongle has priority over a network dongle.

Are all Analyzer 2 versions supported by HASP HL and Sentinel HASP dongles?

  • Sentinel HASP dongles support all recent BrainVision Analyzer 2 releases from version 2.0.3 and higher.
  • HASP HL dongles support older versions up to BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.0, however, Add Channels and future add-on licenses cannot be used with them. From version 2.2.1, HASP HL dongles are no longer supported.

It is our pleasure to make your entry point to Analyzer 2 as smooth as possible by providing you with this simple pocket guide as your first-hand troubleshooter. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, drop us a line. We will be happy to help!