Out with the old, in with the new:
Saying farewell to actiCHamp with a special trade-in offer

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

After nearly 10 successful years on the market, we are saying goodbye to the actiCHamp. The actiCHamp, our first active amplifier, which hit the market in 2011, has served as the benchmark amplifier for many labs around the world. With the active electrode technology made available through this amplifier, researchers save valuable time in preparing electrodes and achieve great signal quality with higher impedances than with passive electrodes.

Recording EEG with active electrodes continues to be more widely adopted in many research labs …

But, what about traditional EEG recordings done with passive electrodes?

Sometimes you do not want to change your experimental protocol, you may require very rapid EEG preparation, such as with the R-Net, or you need the flexibility of switching between active and passive recordings for different studies. Our new all-in-one lab amplifier, the actiCHamp Plus, addresses all these topics.

Last year we introduced the actiCHamp Plus, which has all the same features that made our actiCHamp so successful, *plus* a superior set of features making it even better than its predecessor. These include being able to switch flexibly between active and passive recordings, mirrored triggering, a new lithium-ion power pack, as well as new synchronization options to record other modalities like TMS or EMG. Now, it is time to say farewell to actiCHamp and embrace the added features and benefits of the actiCHamp plus.

Out with the old, in with the new!

To all our loyal and happy actiCHamp customers who want to benefit from these added features and seamlessly transition to the Plus, we are announcing a special trade-in offer of your old actiCHamp for a highly discounted brand-new actiCHamp Plus. If you’re already using the actiCAP slim electrodes, upgrading from the old actiCHamp to the actiCHamp Plus, will be a simple step in updating your lab with the newest equipment, since cables and connectors remain the same.

Out with the old, in with the new: Saying farewell to actiCHamp with a special trade-in offer

How does the trade-in offer work?

Customers who have purchased an actiCHamp (any revision), may send in their fully functional amplifier and actiPOWER. For a reduced price, you will get, in return, an actiCHamp Plus with a PowerUnit. This trade-in offer results in a 45% discount off the price of the actiCHamp Plus! Be sure to act quickly! This campaign will be offered until December 31st, 2022. Please contact your local distributor to find out more about how you can benefit from this offer and upgrade to the new actiCHamp Plus.

Maybe the trade-in offer is not for you, or you want to hold on to your beloved actiCHamp – don’t worry! Although we will be saying farewell to the actiCHamp and discontinue this amplifier at the end of 2019, we will continue to provide support for our actiCHamp users and keep spare parts available.

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