Which amplifier is the best fit for R-Net? Easy: actiCHamp Plus!

by Dr. Michael Schubert
Product Manager (Brain Products)

Which amplifier is the best fit for R-Net? Easy: actiCHamp Plus!In April 2018 we introduced the R-Net, a sponge-based electrode system for research applications. Since the introduction, we have received positive feedback from our customers worldwide. At the time this passive electrode system was, and still is, fully compatible with our wireless and mobile LiveAmp 32 and LiveAmp 64 systems, as well as our gold standard BrainAmp amplifier series.

R-Nets’ main features are: its ultra-fast measurement preparation, its comfortability, high-density EEG channels, convenient gel-free recordings, Ag/AgCl sensors with exchangeable sponge tips, and availability with 32, 64, 96 or 128 channels with positions according to the 10-10 system. Find out more about the R-Net here.

This year we released the actiCHamp Plus amplifier, offering the most scalable and flexible solution for your laboratory EEG recordings. Based on the number of channel modules, you can scale it exactly to your research needs. Additionally, the actiCHamp Plus can be combined with all our active as well as passive electrode systems – such as the R-Net! In fact, we believe that the R-Net recording system will give you the best research experience when used with the actiCHamp Plus.

Three reasons why the actiCHamp Plus is the perfect fit for the R-Net

→ Up to 128 channels with the R-Net and one amplifier unit

The R-Net is a great fit for high-density channel counts and time-restricted recordings. This is where the R-Net shows its main advantage: quick application time almost irrespective of the number of channels. Regardless of which R-Net you have, with the actiCHamp Plus, a 32 channel R-Net connects as easily as a 128 channel R-Net. Depending on the number of channels needed for your research, you equip your actiCHamp Plus amplifier unit with the required number of channel modules and you are ready to start recording.

→ One connector box

Another advantage of the R-Net for actiCHamp Plus is that it comes with only one connector box which comprises all 32-channel connectors. This keeps the setup and connection to the amplifier neat and easy. In addition, this R-Net comes with flat ribbon cables of different lengths for optimal cable routing between the connector box and the amplifier (see below).

Which amplifier is the best fit for R-Net? Easy: actiCHamp Plus!

→ 8 AUX channels included

Take advantage of further extras the actiCHamp Plus provides. In addition to the EEG electrodes in the R-Net you may want to record other bipolar channels (e.g. EOG or EMG via a BIP2AUX module) or connect sensors like our Respiration Belt, the Photo Sensor, an accelerometer, GSR, or the Blood Pulse sensor. actiCHamp Plus has 8 integrated AUX inputs ready to be used and to complement your recording setup.

actiCHamp Plus – the best amplifier for R-Net

If you need rapid and gel-free EEG recordings and want to benefit from all of the advantages above, the actiCHamp Plus with an R-Net system is a great choice. The bundles come with everything you need to get started: two R-Nets, the actiCHamp Plus, the new lithium-ion-based PowerUnit, an R-Net StarterSet, and our BrainVision Recorder software.

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