Join the Brain Products Academy and sign up for our upcoming hands-on EEG acquisition and data analysis workshop!

by Stefanie Rudrich
Head of Marketing (Brain Products)

Despite an increasing popularity of online webinars in past years, we still see a demand for in-person workshops. The feedback we received after the workshops held in Germany, Italy, USA, Singapore and Thailand last year definitely support this feeling.

Edoardo about the EEG 101 Workshop in Munich (Germany):

“The most useful, helpful, and exhausting 4 days of my life. Thanks to the very patient team of Brain Products for answering my 300.000 questions …”

Elena about the EEG-nTMS Workshop in Milan (Italy):

“The timings for each lesson were great and the balance of theoretical and practical lessons was optimal. I would recommend this workshop to both people who wants to join the TMS-EEG research and people who joined it recently.”

Kyle about the EEG-fMRI Workshop in Atlanta (USA):

“I have participated in several neuroimaging workshops and courses in the past and this was by far the best one! The Brain Products/Vision team was incredibly helpful and full of insight.”

Want to get the same experience yourself?

Save your spot and sign up for our upcoming in-person workshop!

During this workshop in the centre of Munich (Germany) we offer you the opportunity to learn how to acquire and process EEG data using Analyzer 2.

On the first day, we will cover the nature of the EEG signal, how to acquire an EEG signal, and how to optimize your recording setup to improve your data quality. This day will be ideal for anyone who missed out on practical sessions and training during covid restrictions, or if you are just starting your EEG journey.

After the data acquisition day, a three-day Analyzer workshop will follow. This hands-on workshop will include practical data processing covering all major EEG analysis methods in Analyzer. In particular, we will cover pre-processing and ERP analysis through to spectral analysis and connectivity. The Analyzer part of the workshop is designed for researchers who are new to EEG and the Analyzer software, as well as those who want to expand their knowledge on data processing.

Ticket options

You can participate in the whole workshop or buy a ticket for only the part that is most relevant for you: the data acquisition day or the Analyzer days. We have the appropriate ticket for you.

  • Data Acquisition Day Only (Day 1): €200.00
  • Data Analysis Days Only (Days 2 -4): €500.00
  • Full Workshop: Acquisition and Analysis (All Days): €650.00

Available seats are limited, so make sure to save your spot today!